Tour d'Organics 2018 Event Schedule

Optional Early Check In

Event Day Registration

Sunday, August 12

Check in opens at 6:00am, enjoy a light breakfast as you look over your route map and get your bearings for the day. Coffee from Taylor Maid, tea courtesy of Traditional Medicinals, plus fresh organic fruits, nut butters, jams, bagels, cream cheese and hearty oatmeal.

Rider Start times: Please leave at the designated start time listed below. The rest stops will NOT be open if you leave earlier which = No Food!

Please time your ride so you can return and enjoy the After-Ride Party and Expo! The celebration starts at 11am and ends at 5pm.

The After-Party

After the ride, there will be a delicious meal made with locally grown produce for all the riders. The after-ride meal is open from 11am - 5pm - please pace yourself accordingly.

The after-ride meal will be served inside the Community Center. To keep the event as green as possible, we encourage you to bring your own non-disposable utensils and plates. Live music will accompany the meal. Massage therapists will be on hand to soften stiff legs and backs after the ride.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.